Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bedroom Makeover

Super Bruce

Trudy (Ethen's mom) Made this for us. It is beautiful! I just love it!

Tierssa, Trudy, David, and I did all the work! It was just plain white walls and a closet. So we tore down the closet and added the wall unit. We love it! Our room is so tiny and this made all the difference. Thanks so much for all the help Johnson Family!!! Love you guys!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

What's New

I couldn't let 2 years go by with out posting something. Life has been so amazing. We are so blessed. Here is an update on our life.

We bought two puppies. Bruce and Molly. We have had them for a little over a year now. We unfortunately had to get ride of Molly. This is a picture of Brucey Baby. We love his so much.He is so mellow and loves to lick Toby and love on him.

Toby cuddling up next to his buddy Bruce.

Our little tree climber.

Toby's best friend Olivia. They are so cute and play everyday.

This is Miss Molly. We miss her so much but are glad that she has a good home with a loving family.

We bought a house!!! We now live in a cute hill billy town called Wellsville. Just south of Logan. We love it here. We have a nice cozy home and lots of land to play on. 

Toby can ride a bike with out training wheels. He is such a cool kid.

We went to a demo derby for Toby's 5th birthday. So hill billy of us...

Toby on his first day of Kindergarten.

Toby with Eric and Olivia his best friends.
First day of Kindergarten.

Scared to go in all by himself

Mrs. Allen his teacher

Ethen turned 29!!!

Ethen also built a dog house with Papa Bear!

Isn't he handsome!
So that is our life at the moment. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Today's assignment is QUIET. This picture represents my most favorite time of the week! My sweet sweet husband always takes Toby outside so I can have some personal "quiet" time. Today he let Toby run around in our attic. Such a cute face! and the boots are super cute!!!

iso/800 f/3.3 no flash

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today's assignment is OUT (OUTside) Love Love Love these!!!!
iso/80 f/3.0 no flash

Monday, April 11, 2011


Today the assignment is IN (inside).
I tried really hard today to use all the settings the right way. I like how the pictures turned out. Here is my favorite!!
iso/800 f/3.3 no flash

Friday, April 8, 2011


Today the photo assignment is NEW. Of course I wanted to take a picture of sweet little baby hands, but I don't really have that option lying around the house....
One of my religious beliefs, that I TRULY live by, is that we should always bribe our children. Miracles do happen when we bribe. Like getting your so crazy active kid to sit still during pre-school. So I bribed him with these toys. They are NEW and very loved!
Since I am taking this class to take better pictures of my moving Toby, I thought I should have him in the pictures and not just the toys. Plus he's stinkin' cute and really helps the pictures look good.
Also, today I just played with the settings. I didn't go by any rules I just wanted to try them all out. I didn't really care for the way these settings. I do love how cute my kid looks though!

ISO/200 f/3.5 flash on

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I am taking an online photo class from the super talented Beth Vermillion! The FIRST assignment is OLD. Ethen and I kind of collect hymnals. Old and new, different religious ones, anything we can find really. So these are pages from a Methodist Church Hymnal. It was published around the 1940's. Each copy was only 30 cents. I love this hymnal and the stage of life that it is in. A little torn, taped, bent, and falling apart, yet still beautiful.
Here is a link to the photo class:
beth V photography

Friday, October 15, 2010

Valley man to compete on USA equestrain team at Special Olympics

Matthew is my little brother. He has Autism and has the opportunity to be in the World Special Olympics this summer. He was on the ABC 15 news last night. Here is a link! Please share and repost! We need all the help we can get!! Here is a link to the news report.
We are so proud of you Matthew and we love you so much!

Valley man to compete on USA equestrain team at Special Olympics

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time Goes By Oh So Fast....

So we just finished our 2ND move. It was not really planned but needed. We love our new place. It is a cute little home with cute little neighbors! So much has happened since I last posted.
2 moves
4Th Anniversary
Toby turned 3!
Me and Toby went to Wyoming with Grandma Bea
Ethen started school
Toby Started PRESCHOOL
Toby hated preschool...
Went to Bear Lake
Went Fishing twice
Went to a demo derby
Worked out all summer
Lost 15lbs
So many things! I wish I had pictures for all of them! I can't believe how time has gone by. My little man is such a boy. He has grown on me. I feel like I have missed so much, yet I have been here the whole time. He changed out of no where.
This is his first day of school. He is SO big I can't believe it!!!

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Sliding Down the mountain

All the way DOWN!

Toby Butt trail

Mountain Butt
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